Exellent source of protein calcium and Anrioxidants

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DIPASA USA, Inc. is a Corporation established in Brownsville, Texas since 1984.

It is part of the DIPASA Group, leader in sesame seed research and development throughout Latin America, servicing 54 countries worldwide.
Since Dipasa USA, opened its doors in the United States, the company has experienced
continuous growth every year, due to the very high quality of its products, accompanied with excellent service at very competitive prices. DIPASA is now one of the world’s leading sesame seed producers and exporters, among other ingredients.

With over 40 years of experience, we are recognized as the world’s most reliable sesame processor and supplier. Based in Mexico with sister companies in Europe and the USA, we are dedicated to globally exporting some of the world’s best food & cuisine ingredients (conventional and organic). Health and well-being lie at the heart of all we stand for.

Our premium seeds and oils will turn your food & cuisine concepts into recipes for lasting success. Each ingredient is surprisingly versatile and easy to integrate in a wide range of exciting applications. And our R&D and marketing teams are eager to work with you on new concepts too: bars, yoghurts, sauces, supplements, sweet, savory and exotic foods.

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Dipasa, we grow, harvest and process sesame using equipment and methods designed to preserve all nutritional and medicinal value.

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