About Us

Since 1984, Dipasa USA has been dedicated to bringing people Good Products From Nature. As proud members of the DIPASA Group, we’ve been sowing the seeds of innovation in sesame research across Latin America, sharing the richness of our products with 54 countries worldwide.

Our journey in the USA has been nothing short of a flavor-filled adventure, and it’s all thanks to the exceptional quality of our products and the warmth of our service – because that’s what we believe in. Today, we stand tall as global ambassadors, exporting not just sesame seeds but a symphony of top-notch ingredients that make every bite an experience.

With over 40 years of crafting flavors and dreams, we’re not just recognized; we’re celebrated as the heartbeat of the world’s kitchens. From our home in Brownsville TX to our sibling companies in Europe and Latin America, our mission is simple – to share the world’s best food and cuisine ingredients, embracing both tradition and innovation. 

Our premium seeds and oils aren’t just ingredients; they’re whispers of inspiration that turn your culinary dreams into masterpieces. They’re the secret sauce behind your creations, versatile and ready to infuse excitement into every dish. Our R&D and marketing teams are our culinary co-conspirators, eagerly waiting to craft new wonders – be it bars, yogurts, sauces, supplements, or a dance of sweet, savory, and exotic delights.

So, join our flavorful journey at DIPASA! Let’s savor the magic together!”